The Best Life Insurance Companies in the World

The Best Life Insurance Companies

The Best Life Insurance Companies

The Best Life Insurance Companies of 2019



When it comes to analyzing which companies are the best in life insurance, it requires a great analysis from every end. One is then able to reach a concrete conclusion as to whether that company should be included in the clan or not. Life insurance companies are reaching new heights of success nowadays as people are increasingly getting concerned about themselves and their loved ones. Life is quite uncertain, and you never know when it’ll be your last day. People say goodbye to this world but then their families and those who are dependent on them suffer. To make this situation less dreadful, life insurance companies offer you options that’ll relax you.

The Best Life Insurance Companies in Canada, Ontario


Let’s shed light on the top 4 best insurance companies of this year and you’d probably be astounded to learn about their success and the way they’ve offered policies to make it feasible for their clients.


Section 1. State Farm

It is the top-ranked life insurance company in the world and the reason why people love it so much is that unlike other insurance companies, it offers four different plans to cater to your needs, namely Select Term, the return of premium, mortgage term life and instant answer term. When it comes to mortgage, your coverage can change sometimes so instead of saying no to their clients or instead of disheartening them, this company offers them to extend their coverage. Now, this is something that not a lot of companies offer. On top of it, having a great customer service team is something that sets a company completely distinct from others and this is what makes State Farm different. Their gregarious and amiable staff not only explain you the policies, terms, and conditions properly but also entertain your queries when times are bad on you. Therefore, it can be stated that State Farm has your back every time.


Section 2. TIAA Life

As the name suggests, TIAA is the abbreviation of “Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association,” but don’t be fooled, it isn’t solely made for people who hail from the education sector. Anyone can get a life insurance policy from them and they’d be more than happy to cater to your needs. TIAA is quite well known for providing one of the best term life insurances. Not to forget, their policies range from 10 to 30 years in length and they offer it to their prospective clients at an unbeatable price of $100,000, and the best part is that it includes generous conversion allowances just in case your insurance needs alteration in one way or the other. As mentioned earlier about the unbeatable price, TIAA is one of those trustworthy companies that are very affordable when it comes to term life companies.

One fabulous feature about TIAA is their great website known as “Life Wizard,” which allows you to figure out your coverage analysis, quote, and application all in one place and good thing is that within a couple of minutes, you’ll find out how much insurance you’re worthy of getting, the price of it and the possible ways of applying for coverage.


Section 3. New York Life Insurance 

New York Life is very well known among seniors because it has worked hard in creating its positive image and satisfying its customers. The best part is that this insurance company provides life policies that are not only affordable but also flexible. Clients have the option to get these policies customized to cater to their needs and you wouldn’t mind considering it as one of the best life insurance companies to work for. New York Life offers a policy that covers two spouses under a single, tax-effective plan which is popularly known as survivorship insurances policy. Moreover, the company is in partnership with the AARP to provide low-cost, no-exam individual and group policies for retirees which is the cherry on top of the cake.


Section 4. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 

One of the reasons, why this company has been listed in not only one of the best companies to work for but also a great option for getting a life insurance policy, is because of the permanent insurance that it offers. Moreover, North-western Mutual is renowned for its best coverage selections and the exciting news is that this policy extends coverage to children or a spouse, excuse premiums if god forbid you to end up being disabled. It also offers to release the death benefit at an earlier time in case of any type of terminal illness. The reason why people look forward to this policy from them is that it provides much bigger value than a death benefit alone.

So those were the four best life insurance companies and we’re certain that now you can make up your mind whenever you plan to opt for a life insurance policy. The best part is that all the above companies have been listed as the best companies to work for in 2018 so I believe you wouldn’t mind trying your luck in applying for one of these. Life insurance is an important decision that many individuals make after considering various options and I believe we were successful in dividing your workload.